Creaking Kooka Cranks

I’m having trouble with my Kooka cranks creaking. I’m pretty sure it’s the crank moving on the axle. Tightening the axle nut hasn’t fixed the problem. Does anyone have any hints on how to stop the irritating noise? Would greasing the flats of the axle help? Would a thin metal shim tighten the fit enough to stop the creaks?

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grease ‘should’ help. don’t shim anything in there.

It could also be the pedal spindle or loose spokes

You should be using grease on the tapers anyways. :wink:

Try greasing the tapers and using red Loctite on the retaining nut. If you’re lucky that will stop the problem.

The other option is to try uising some high strength Loctite sleeve retainer on the tapers. The sleeve retainer will fill in gaps and may fix things for you. But I wouldn’t consider it to be a super reliable solution. If it works that’s good. If it doesn’t stand up to muni use I wouldn’t be surprised. If you go with the sleeve retainer make sure the tapers are clean. Use degreaser and alcohol to clean off the axle taper and the crank taper. Then use Loctite Primer. The Primer will increase the hardening and bonding of the Loctite sleeve retainer. If you can’t find the primer then just make sure the surfaces are really clean. Dirt, grease and contamination will keep the sleeve retainer from bonding well.

Loctite retaining compound

I’d go for the highest strength stuff you can find.

Loctite primer/activator

A good auto parts shop should have sleeve retainer and primer/activator.

There was someone who had sent a Kooka crank back to Kooka to have the taper filed down. Since you’re in NZ it is not practical for you to send the crank back to Kooka. But you might be able to find a good machine shop that could clean up the taper. Make sure they’re familiar with bike crank tapers. This would be a last resort because if it doesn’t work the crank is toast.

I suppose you’ve already tried removing each crank and rotating it 90 degrees and retighten it. You might want to try this 4 times before swapping right and left cranks and doing it again (4 times). I know it’s a pain, but if it fits properly at only one point your squeak will go away. Or, you might determine which of the faces is wrong and if it’s a crank or hub problem.
I wouldn’t try a shim because it will work it’s way out.
I had this problem once and ended up ruining a hub and replacing it. -The good news is that unicycle has become my loaner/learner/spare and I needed an excuse for another one.

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Re: Creaking Kooka Cranks

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Klaas Bil

Procrastinate later.

make sure you install your cranks properly.
see the faq

and don’t ride with squeking cranks, your hub will die.

I fixed the creak!

All it took was a generous gob of grease on the taper!

Thanks for all the advice - I’ll keep it up my sleeve for future creaks’n’squeaks.