creaking cranks

I’ve got k1 reinforced cranks on my trials. Lately they have developed a creak. Every little while they will just suddenly creak. Sometimes I can feel it just a bit. So, should I be replacing them directly or is it no problem? Am I endangering my hub? Are my cranks liable to get wrecked if I don’t do something about it? They are tight, and to my knowledge have never been loose. However, they have come on and off a few times. Input will be appreciated.

I’ve had this same sort of problem, and they actually got loose. So I tightened them, but the problem persisted. My solution was to call the place where you got the uni from and tell them the problem, see if they have anyway to fix it. if not, just replace the cranks

go to the manufacturer website and find out the torque value of the cranks. it’s the only way to be sure they’re tight enough without over doing it. A LBS could help if you don’t have the expensive wrench to do so. can you see any cracks or stress fractures around the crank? Could it be the pedals?

Is it the wheel I sold you a while ago? I’ve never had that problem with it. Maybe it’s just time to change the bearings because they are like 3 years old now I think. Did you check the spokes also? They might be a little bit loose. By the way, how do you like my old wheel?:stuck_out_tongue:

How sure are you that it’s the cranks? I would guess that it’s the spokes, or maybe the pedals. I think a lot of people have creaky spokes.

I’m pretty sure it’s the cranks. I’ve tried replacing the pedals, and that didn’t help. The spokes have good tension. And Jacob, I really like the wheel. It’s an amazing improvement over that brute of a Qu-ax. It’s so much lighter. Now I’ve got an '07 KH frame and a Tryall tire on it, so there’s nothing Qu-ax left. BTW, the cranks just started creaking within the last several weeks. I would kind of like to get those K1 street tubulars AgentQ is selling if I need to replace the cranks…

So you’ve made sure they are good and tight? I think I messed mine up from being loose on my old uni. It might help to replace the cranks, but then again it might be the hub too. Wouldn’t know I gave my uni away it was so messed up.

Try taking out the spacers between the cranks and bearings.

If everything is 100% perfect they let the crank seat perfectly on the crank but if the cranks a slightly oversized (common with Koxx) or the axle slightly undersized the spacers will prevent the cranks from getting a good seat on the splines and you will eventually destroy the interface (usually on the crank side)

If it creaks then it is wearing and only going to get worse until you do something about it.

Alright thanks for that! Can’t beleive I didn’t think of that. :roll_eyes: Makes perfect sense! I’ll be sure to tell my cousin about it and if he doesn’t do anything about it fix it for him when I’m there.

Damage might already be done though…