crazzzy uni time

hey i don’t know if this has been done yet but i would likie to build a kangaroo girraffe tennis shoe uni.( there was a post earlier with a tenis shoe one on.) this will be fun…

sounds interesting…

let us know how you get on

kangaroo giraffe sounds crazy and more crazy and a faceplant waiting to happen. But hey, i’m all about trying new things. I breifly tried riding one footed on a giraffe and found it to be “not so hot”. You should think about making an eccentric wheel instead of a kangaroo. A harder build, but maybe safer and more interesting. shrugs or at least post pictures of any injuries you sustain in the process :wink:

The tennis shoe part is rad. WEE!!

i could make it a kangarro multi wheel girrafe tennis shoe uni. that would be cool

I think your getting ahead of yourself.

Can you ride a giraffe?
Can you ride a tennis show uni?
Can you ride a multiple wheel unicycle?
Can you ride a kangaroo unicycle?
Can you do all of the possible combinations of groups of two of these?
Same as above but 3?

Now your ready to try!

an eccentric kangaroo tennis shoe giraffe? go for it.

i dought i will be able to ride it. but i’ll die trying.


sounds like quite a project, but it sounds awesome

my only problem is getting all the stuff. the hardest bit will be buying all the hubs and the massive frame i will have to make. i will just have to gather up enough cash for it. i am still working out the costs if i make it basicly but i wont be cheap.

I’m going to build a seated hand-driven unicycle one day. I just don’t have the money and first I have to build a 2 wheeler with 12" wheels because I’ve already bought the wheels. That will hopefully be done soon enough.

There’s a thread about my seat hand-driven unicycle in there somewhere…I will do it eventually.