My friend and I were planning on taking the train to meet another unicyclist. So we get to the station early, and three police officers start chatting to us about unicycling. After a nice, friendly conversation we leave them to board the train.

As we approached the train the conductor asks us if we have straps to tie down the unicycles. We say we can use our shoe laces. He then tells us that only bicycles are allowed on the train! I argue with him saying " a unicycle is smaller than a bike ect…" but he does not budge. So we leave the station.

Outside the station we see the we were talking to before. one of them asks “did they not let you on?”. So we tell him the story. The cop gets really angry and says “thats crazy. Dont worry I’ll get you boys on the train just follow me”. So we follow him and his Sargent to the platform.

He then starts screaming at the conductor threatening to tell his supervisor and the police chief. After a heated argument the conductor finally agrees to let us go.

The lesson learned is: Make friends with the cops :slight_smile:

Ya, that was a fun ride. Too bad it was 97 degrees though. Did you and adam having any trouble when you toke the train back?

I don’t think the cops will be on your side anymore if you toke on the train.