Crazy Unicycle design

This is one of two wacky ideas I have come up with. I will up load computer models later. I had a quick sketch but the gallery seems to be broken :frowning:

Here is the idea tell me what you think.

A break away unicycle (tada!!)

the idea is to allow the rider to pull a lever, press a button, etc… that would release the frame and seat assembly from the bearing clamps thus converting a unicyle into a UW while riding.

how about a quick release wheel so you can change a tire quicker

What is the point? then you have half of your uni on the ground…You can just not put bolts in your bearing holders then ride around and pull on the seat when you want it to pop off… :roll_eyes:

^^^^ even cooler

My friends were drawing up napkin designs for QR bearing clamps. My revolutionary idea was wingnuts. Haven’t tried it but it is definitely possible. You can use a lock washer so they stay tight longer (which I think would be the biggest issue) and washer them out so they fit around any bearing caps (although I suspect you could get nuts that would work alone).

^^^^^ what about having one side of the bearing clamps on a hinge and then the other has a quick release thingy on it, which hooks onto the other side of the bearing clamp, it would be so much easier than pretty much anything else.

yeah tomtrevor’s got it. put a hinge on one side with a preset gap according to the bearing size then a quick release on other side that also has a hinge. You could loosen the qr then bend it away through a notch in the bearing holder

there’s a guy who makes frames with quick release bearing holders, they’re very cool. They have a hinge and I believe work with the same mechanism as a quick release seatpost clamp.

search for it, you’ll probably find the thread.

There was a unicycle design like what you are talking about in the unicycle book by Jack Wiley. It was made with square or rectangle tubing that fits together but without any bolts. Then when you fall off the unicycle falls apart.

The quick release bearing holders are made by Jim_Rob. I have them on my coker and they work great. If you want some PM him I think he is still making them. Here’s a picture of them.


why would you want your unicycle to fall apart? then you’d have a wheel going one way and a seat going another and you’d have to go fetch them and stick em back together.

I think everyone missed the point of the post. I was talking about a unicycle that in mid-ride could be converted to a UW; possibly from a remote (lever, button,etc…)

yeah its not a good idea rely, you could just do a seat push/drag

its not that amazing sorry

well if you were doing a performance and started by riding a uni that was connected to a front wheel and handle bars then broke away the front end, rode some more, then took off the frame and rode it as a uw it would get a lot of laughs!

that’s the IDEA!

There already is quick release bearing holders. They where sellin them at moab Muni Fest.

This thread isn’t really talking about quick release bearing clamps.

I think it’s a great idea! It would be hysterical to see your uni fall apart behind you as you rode. I’d even vote for another mod to that design to make it spring loaded… so you can ride seat in front and then shoot your whole frame/seat off in front of you, and ride away on an UW.

Eureka! somebody gets it.