Crazy uni convention in Paris : summary and pictures

I was a bit long to relate the convention but it was hard to come up from this crazy crazy week-end. First I want to apologize for my English, I hope it won’t be too boring to read. I didn’t choose the best pics or the pics about what I prefered but I chose them to give you an idea about the ambience.

We have organized the 6th Unicycling and Juggling Meeting of ‘Haut les Mains’ (our association), in Ris Orangis, 20 km from Paris, last May 6th-May 8th.
We had three fantastic days, outside from the real world.
Actually, we started on Thursday 5th to finished the preparation (like to install the Trial course) and welcomed some early people. Our big top had been installed a month before but we had a lot of things to do because, for the first time, it didn’t happen in our place. The town council had lent us gyms and facilities but it was a hard time to organize all that.
On Friday, we had a trial competition, David Weichenberger from Austria won the senior, Piggi did second. Matthieu Huet did first in junior, then Dimitri Caillaud (2nd) and Uri (from Gremany) did 3rd.

Then we had (informal) races, lots of them won by David and Hannah Kreisz from Germany, but the honor is safe, a member of our association won the coasting with something like 63 m.

Friday night was the time for concerts, there were really good bands, especially the second band ‘la scaña del domingo’ (rock-ska), I’ve missed the first band so I can’t tell about them.

Saturday morning was for the metting of the FFM (French Unicycling Federation). As the last times, it was too long (I’m sorry for those who attended it), but I think it will lead to good things.

Saturday afternoon the basketball tournament (with 16 teams) started.

During the whole week-end, there were workshops, shows, shops … very good food (thanks Stephan and Jimmy, Maurren, Clément…) and a bar open all the day long and almost all the night.
In the evening, the downtown parade led us to the theatre for the public show.

The first part of the public show was routines of members of our association and the second part was longer routines of Bobby (also from our association, unicycling and juggling), Pich (with contact juggling) and Yvan l’impossible (talk show while juggling or unicycling). What a great great show!!!

It continued under our big top with people playing music and having fun during the whole night. Different people did not sleep at all (I did, only 3h30 but I did).

On Sunday morning, some of us went to the Muni ride (the others were not even awoken or too tired, like Yoggi who just arrived in the morning after having organized a trial competition in another place and having driven the whole night). Nice ride, nice place, specially for trialists, with lots of rocks. My legs were so tired that I fell again and again.

The end of the basketball tournament took place during the afternoon : the finalist were Cycl’hop junior against Cycl’hop senior from Nice. Nice is definitely the basketball place in France (they both had already won the last French Cup in their categories). Bravo!

After the traditional juggling and unicycling Games

we finished the convention with our traditional open stage with still a great (but smaller) audience even if we were exhausted!

There were 4 Germans and 1 Austrian but nobody from English speaking countries ! We want to see you next year !! (And people from other countries are more than welcomed)

Here are all the pics from Marc Z (a selection of his 2000 pics, thanks Marc for that job!) and from Roméo

And other pics
The link will probably change very soon and so it won’t work any more but I can’t resist to give it to you because those pics are very good !! (I’ll give you then the following link)

This thread was also to THANK Pierre-Yves (even if I know he won’t read that forum) for the enormous job he did, maybe at the expense of his health. Without him, this convention would not have been possible !

Thank you anso, the pics really do gve a good flavor of your event,it sounds fun. Maybe next year…


that sounds like a LOt of fun! I wanna go to a uni convention… ):
why is one guy playing basketball on a 12" wheel? I think it’s 12, might be 16…

Pas mal!

I’d been wondering if you were going to report on the French uni convention!

What a great weekend it looks! I’m definitely trying hard to make next year’s (there will be one next year, I hope?).

Was there any hockey, or just basketball?

That looked like a lot of fun for all. I hope there is a Unicon in your future!

You’re right, it is a small wheel. I hadn’t seen that.
This guy is one of the few unicyclists who was there and whom I didn’t know and still don’t know.

There was no hockey. But we want to develop hockey in France so we don’t know about next year…

I made some mistakes, the results for the Trial are:
senior : 1st David Weichenberger,
2nd Pigi (Pierre Gabriel Gorzola)
3rd Juri
junior : 1st Matthieu Huet
2nd Dimitri CAillaud
3rd Max

And our coasting champion is : Matthieu Rojda

And the more important I forgot

This is Pierre Yves :


Et Viola! Ca c’est manifique!
I can speak french pretty well, but I can’t write it. That looks like Loads of Fun!!
Next year at this time I will be in France, so I definetly want to come, especially if its in Ris-Oranges because that’s pretty close to Paris.
A Bientot!
Dogbowl (Bol de Chien)

That looks like a fantastic weekend! Put me on the list for next year :slight_smile:


Re: Crazy uni convention in Paris : summary and pictures

Sorting and selecting what you think to be the best pictures is always the hardest part of the work !

BTW, I apologize for somewhat overcompressing the pictures, due to lack of space on the server. That same server is also a bit lazy… never host your site on !

Re: Crazy uni convention in Paris : summary and pictures

I just added some more pictures (Gaby’s album).

Strange, I think I have seen that face before !

Do you mean we should go to one or do you mean we should organize one ??

The first step is to attend one. Around 10 or 15 Frenchs have ever been to a Unicon. That’s not a lot.
It will be easier in Switzerland !

I would love that we organize, one day, a Unicon in France.
But with Switzerland in 2006, Denmark in 2008, Australia in 2010… It means it would be in a long time.
I don’t even know if I’ll still ride.
(Only Olympic committee can think in such a long term. 2012 : Moscow, Madrid, New York, Paris, London ??)

Organize. If Paris gets the olympics in 2012, we would consider a merger… :smiley:

Sounds great Anso!

Yoggi was asking me if I was wanting to come, but I couldnt afford it, and it was short notice.

Cant wait for next year - EuroCycle, Unicon AND France! I’ll be there! :stuck_out_tongue: