Crazy Parade riding.

The Vancouver Unicycle club once again did some parade riding today. We were in the West Point Grey Feista Day parade and though small in numbers we were big in action as the parade got underway.

Fortunately for us we were placed right behind the Morris Men. Ah such fine music to uni-dance to. If you have never tried dancing on your uni just crank up the tunes some day on your boom box and clear some space in your driveway or neighbourhood school yard and just have a go - it is totally a blast. And you’ll be amazed at what you can do on one wheel when the tunes are blasting!:smiley:

Back to the parade… the spectators were wowed by the classic figure cut by Mike Rocks riding his black Bedford MUni complete with 3 inch Gazz and striking blue Kooka cranks and outfitted in a white tux jacket, white shirt, black bow tie and black Roach riding pants. What a stunningly elegent rider.

Well Andrea and I quickly shattered any hopes of having the suave presence that Mike modeled. Oh no, not with the balloon tied to Andrea’s helmet and the two balloons tied respectively to two of the three tips of my jester’s hat. And just to top things off, in case the spectators thought we had anything in common with Mike, while doing a dramatic race towards each other in a jousting type maneuver (without the spears of course) Andrea and I tore past each other our legs a blurr on our trials unis only to be thrown off balance by the sudden swerve as we nearly missed on another and in unison came crashing off our tiny steeds much to the shock of the crowd of onlookers. ( Nice work landing on those Harbingers Andrea;) )

All in all, it was another great club event for the Vancouver Unicycle club. Stay tuned for more summer fun updates from the wildest uni club on the west coast.


Parade Day

Sounds like a great parade. You’re right, music makes you better.

Hope you don’t mind if I tag along on your parade thread. We just finished our first long parade of the season. Marysville Strawberry Festival Grand Parade. It’s about 1 1/4 mile one way. The theme was Surfin Safari so we made up a CD of Dick Dale, The Ventures, The BeachBoys, and Elvis’ Little Less Conversation Re-Mix (Not a surf tune but a great tune never the less.) The Mobile Sound Cart was blastin.

We remained optomistic throughout the day despite the predicted showers that proved to be torential downpours. But the showers cleared and by 5:00 the skies were blue and not a drop to be seen at the 8:00 PM start. The crowd was huge.

My lovely bride and another club mom bore the banner. Next my son did the entire route on his scooter. (For those of you who don’t know; John had Down Syndrome. He can’t uni yet but he is an active member of our club.)

Leading the uni riders were the two cutest six year old girls on the face of the earth on their 16" weels. I rode the 40" big wheel to distract the crowd from all those floats to the real show following. After a couple “where’s your other wheel?” I just pointed back and said the others were riding it. A few pre-emptive “Have you seen my other wheel?” and “The uni’s are coming, the uni’s are coming!” and lots of waving to the little kids. Its cool up there.

Next came the real talent, The big sisters of the world’s cutest six year olds rode the giraffes while the boys did the drill team. Last was the jump ropers, jump overs, and Frank on the sound system. He works the crowd real well.

The kids (including one of the world’s cutest six year olds and her big sister) were comatose by the time we got home.

Yes Erin, Great day for a parade.

What would you actually be DOING when you’re dancing on a unicycle? Wiggling your upper body? …I dunno.

Experiment… I find hopping to the rhythm is good as is weaving to the music if it has a slow bit… well, you’ll just have to give it go yourself and like any kind of dancing you’ll come up with your own style. :sunglasses:

Yeah, Unibrier, it certainly does sound like it was an awesome day for a parade for your crew as well.:slight_smile:


Re: Crazy Parade riding.

As a Morris dancer and Morris musician, I’ll treasure that quote! :0)

As the Morris is an English tradition, I guess there aren’t too many Morris teams out there, and I further guess that they were Vancouver Morris Men. I met Vancouver Morris Men at an event in England many years ago - I think it was the annual Ring meeting at Thaxted in Essex. From what I remember, they were a good dancing team and a good bunch of lads.

One thing I do remember is one of my dimmer colleagues asking ‘What part of America are Vancouver Morris Men from?’ or words to that effect. :astonished:

Re: Re: Crazy Parade riding.

Yes indeed Mike, these fellows were very accomplished dancers and lovely men. It was such a treat to be able to view their dances through out the parade. And though I did do a bit of a parody of trying to dance ‘with’ them, behind on my uni, it was all in good fun and with the utmost respect.

The Morris Men performed later in the afternoon in the park where everyone gathered for a fair to follow the parade. Again they delighted many with their fine footwork and joyful tunes.


While we’re on the topic of parades…

I work with a guy who is a professional entertainer, and he got us a parade gig. He’ll be walking and juggling, and he promised that he could find a clown on a unicycle. Yep, I do some clowning, so the illusion that all unicycle riders are clowns will be perpetuated once again. I apologize to those fighting against that image, but it’s who I am, and they’re paying me for it (and for an hour of balloon twisting afterwards).

On the flipside, as I was riding my uni down the street the other day, I was riding with my right foot out in front (just for the fun of it), and a skateboarder came up behind me and asked me if I did any other tricks. When I said yes, he informed me that he was sponsored by a company which has a group that goes around and performs at different places. He does skateboarding and breakdancing, there’s another guy who juggles torches, and they might be interested in me unicycling. I gave him my contact information, so we’ll see what happens.
This probably won’t go anywhere, but you never know. And it would go a long way to eliminate the clown/unicycle bias, at least for those who see us.