crazy little project

hi im building a RUNI (road unicycle) i got given a cheap ebay 20 inch frame from a mate im goig to cut it up and make the frame ike one of those nghtrider frames it will have a 36 spoke 700c araya alloy racer rim with bontrager race lite hard case slick tyre 110mm cranks but im thinking of incorparating a mtb suspension fork into the frame but then free mounting will be wierd not if i have a remote lock out though or maybe just a suspension seat post air seat v-brakes cycle computer it will be bright lime green with green spokes,anodised blue seat clamp and spoke nipples and it should all be under 5 kgs oh btw i just need a cheap 36 hole square taper hub for under 35 dollars in australia i will send money in envelope u send hub back please

If you want to keep it light I would stay away from suspension parts in general. If you decide you really want a suspension use a suspension seat post as it would be easier, lighter, simpler, and probably result in a stiffer frame. Generally suspensions on unicycles is a fad that went out of style before I started riding.

Don’t tell people you are going to send cash in the mail. You can send cash through the mail but it is not the safest way to do a transaction, especially since you have no way of knowing that whoever you are sending it to has received it. If people know that you are going to be sending cash via the mail system you could be taken advantaged of.

Skinny wheeled unis are fun and feel totally different from their balloon tired brothers. Have fun with your project :slight_smile:


dont you worry about FUN buster i will

a sad day

hi as uve known i was building my runi i got the frame all made up and was on the bus to school had the fully made frame in a plastic bag to do at metal work with the ox-acytylene to clean the welds up well yestarday i was on the bus with it sat down put it on the floor got off the bus heading to school and left it on the bus now its gone :astonished: i rang the bus depot and they said theyd get back to me they did and they havent seen it i want to kick my self in the head:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:frowning: i am very sad and the frame was perfectly symettrical and light and the wheel fitted perfectly in it was straght as

sorry to hear that, I was looking forward to seeing your final build.

oh well ill find another frame to hack eventully.:o


ok guess wat people i got another frame to hack:) so ill be doin it this saturday should be all done on wednsday itll be pink now with black frame

cheer good luck!

:(and yet another blow to my building of anything my welders blown :astonished: and my mate wasnt ble to be at home on the day of our ride and that was when i was going to pick it up
si now its been two weeks and no runi maybe in a few weeks

hey mate. Good to hear of a DIY project.
How about using some punctuation though, it makes things a lot easier to read, and they will make more sense :wink:

there was a guy at California Muni weekend that made a frame that sounds similar to your design it was pretty cool looking. i dont know if there are any pics of it but if i find any i will let you know.