Crazy funny unicycle Joke. BLows my mind, WOW MAN.....


A slug goes to a car dealership to buy a new automobile. He looks around and eventualy settles on a car. He told the salesman he’d like that car however, he’d like there to be an “S” painted on the two front doors. The salesman asked why and the snail replied. "so that when people read it, they’ll say “Wow, look at the s car go”

for all you who don’t understand “s car go” try saying it out loud, does it sound like escargo to you? yes wow that’s the french name for snails, the joke is look at that escargo aka look at that snail. baboom ching…

and for all you moderators whod on’t understand this’ unicycle relivance here’s a quick explanation of the direct connections. if I can get to ten it must be true and a worthy post to read and reply to, yahooooo!!!

1)Snails and unicycles are slow (20 inchers with huge cranks and an anker out the back.)
2)Riding a unicycle is damn near impossible for a snail, same with the auto.
3)not just anyone can ride a uni opr car it takes a certain something special(practice, pass a test, age, you know)
4)both have the letters s, i, n and l. and there’s 5 letters in snail and 9 in unicycle, both are odd numbers. and 80% of snail has the same letters as unicycle, whereas something just under 50%, lets see, about 44% of unicycles letters are found in snail.
5)unicycles and snails are cool
6)I have killed both a snail and a unicycle
7)I have seen movies or shows about both
8)both have no legs
9)both die if put in salt water for extended periods of time.
the number ten reason why this joke is related to unicycles is: snail and unicycle ar eboth singular words. there is only one snail and one unicycle.

That joke is for dan heaton, cause I told kris a joke already and I’ve told ryan many jokes, and I’ve told jeff jokes to, and kevin, and someother people too but I’m getting carried away.


So does the slug want the car for his girlfriend the snail?