Crazy Deals

Hey guy’s, just to let you know KH Moment Cranks at a really low price and little if any up charge on most unicycle crank upgrades on Nimbus branded Uni’s

I see good things to come :slight_smile:
is that a purple oregon in your profile picture?

Dude! I just bought f***ing cranks two days ago! Anton gets screwed again :smiley:


You’re ahead of the curve. Try giving them a call and asking nicely; they might give you the sale price, and store credit or something.

Well, I didn’t buy moments. The sale prices would probably have swayed me to buy a pair of dual hole cranks instead of two pairs of ventures.

It’s o.k., everything works out in the end. Just had to vent :smiley:

Thanks Tigger. Hope they do the same deal over here in .au some time soon.

Okay, so here’s the gist:

KH Is going to make new cranks that have a spider for mounting a brake. The new cranks will supposedly have the same Q, but be lighter. So if you want an outboard brake, you should wait until Spring/Summer to buy the new KH cranks.

Nimbus is building a new 100mm hub that will have an inboard disc, similar in design to the Oregon, but with the standard 100mm bearing spacing, so cranks choice won’t matter and it’ll be adaptable to existing frames. This hub should be available in the Spring.

What this means for the consumer is that older KH cranks will work fine on KH and Nimbus unis, but if you want to add a disc brake you’ll need to either get a KH/Mountain Uni crank or rebuild your wheel with the Nimbus hub. Either way you’ll need to buy a bearing caliper mount to have a disc brake.

Nimbus is going to use the bearing mounted disc brake hanger on their frames to save the hassle of frame mount, so all Nimbus and KH unis can be set up for disc brakes, yeah!

Personally, I’m waiting for the Nimbus hub.

Then again, it’s a good time to buy some inexpensive, high quality cranks :slight_smile:

I’d buy some, but I already have the full size run :roll_eyes:

Make that “for mounting a brake disc” :slight_smile:

Yes, That is a purple Oregon on my profile pic. I love riding it!

We have a lot of Moment cranks so we decided to run a sale.