Crazy Castle

My wife bought a cardboard book for our daughter this morning, called Crazy
Castle. Take a look at the unicyclist:

I’ve never seen someone one-foot a giraffe with the foot on the crown
before! At first I thought he had one really long leg, then I realised just
how low the seat was. I think that makes it an even more impressive skill,
though it does look to me as if he’s about to fall off.

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Re: Crazy Castle

Looks kind of like the Mr Benn drawings (old British kids’ TV programme), I wonder if it was the same artist. Come to think of it, was there not a circus episode of Mr Benn? There’s bound to be another unicyclist in that somewhere.

Have fun!


Re: Crazy Castle

As if by magic, this URL appeared:

Lots of links. I have not located any pics from the circus episode.

Wouldn’t riding a giraffe that way cause the unused pedal to hit
your knee?

Yes it would. That is why he has sensibly removed the other crank. Would make freemounting a bit tricky but we have already concluded he is a talented rider