Crazy Aussie wanted

I’m thinking of entering a two day endurance race which involves riding, navigation and camping. It is traditionally a mountainbike event, however I have sent an email to the organisers to ask if unicycles are ok.

The reason I’m telling you, is that competitors must be in teams of two. So I’m looking for a teammate.:slight_smile:

Read up on the event here and please ask me any questions you might have.

When: March 10 - 11th
Where: Location is kept secret until a week before event, all they say is that it’s 9hrs from Melbourne and 2.5hrs from Sydney

Brad :sunglasses:

i’d be game if it’s not on a school day :stuck_out_tongue:

What kinda uni do you ride?
It’s a big ride, about 2 days, 7 hours each day.

at the moment a nimbus 24"

by then it will have a koxx splined hub, new tyre and a wider rim

But the beauty of it is you can pick your own route, and ride for a little as you want. But you gotta carry your camping gear, which isn’t that bad.

are you going in it to get loads of points or have fun?

Yeah, pretty much to have fun. In reality we got no chance against mtbs for points so it’d just be cool to be there.

i reckon we could get a few unicycle teams together

rather than one group have like 4 or 5

Yeah that’d be awesome! It’s so much fun. When everyone camps on the saturday night there’s games and stuff, and just such a fun atmosphere.
They usually have a theme for the race. Last year it was dairy farming, so people were dressed up like cows and stuff while riding!

haha thats awesome

id be game aslong as there isnt a BIG road trip ,

(feel free to sig this any one)

and if it was a big road trip we’d have to tak a semi trailer with a trials course in the back

i iwagine its about 1200km away dan :stuck_out_tongue:

i can feel a road trip coming on

Where are you from man?

we’re brisbanians

Hmmm, if they say it’s 9h from melbourne and 2.5 from sydney then I reckon its somewhere south of sydney. either SW or SE

yeah about a 14hr drive :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey there,
This sounds really interesting and fun! I’d love to be involved with something like this, but i’m not sure what my commitments are like at that time. I’m starting a uni course at ANU in canberra in Feburary and don’t yet know if those days clash with stuff i need to be at. Time permitting i’d like to be involved. I’ve got a 24x3 Muni with profiles which may not be ideal if it is more XC riding but i suppose we would not be looking to be compeditive anyway.
I have lots of family in newcastle so next time im up there i’ll bring my muni (and other unicycles) and we should try to organise to go riding.
Cheers for posting about this event,

cue comical trombone slide

wa wa waa waaaaa~~~

nahh it goes wa waa waa waa waaaaaaaa