Crazy attempts on unicycles?

Si- i did a back flip and landed it! says:
Si says:
Si says:
i feel of the rola bola
Si says:
on my unicycle
Si says:
with the cable drum on its side
Si says:
and i got flipped over backwards
Si says:
and landed on my feet

I think thats enough said

cool as…!

it says worcestershire, which bit? (I’m in Tenbury)

Wolverley in Kidderminster. I have riden in Tenbury a few times

Can someone re-word that so I can understand it? They way I’m thinking of it right now I think Trevor has already done it?

yeah Trevor did.

EDIT: at least I think I’m not quite sure what happend listed in this post

If you’re interested I’ll give you a shout next time we go for a muni in the wyre forest…

I dont know if its the same thing, I do a backflip off the unicycle and also a back sumi off the unicycle. Just got back from Birmingham Convention and was good.


Anyway im off to reformat and install windows again, hopefully it wont get stuck and ill be left without a computer for months again.


Yeh sorry, the post was not that clear. What trev does is so much more amazing as he means to do it!

I copied a converstaion with simon, what he did was on a cable drum with a plank of wood, trying to make a rola bola on the cable drum when it was on its side. He tried to do this on the unicycle and flipped over but some how managed to land on his feet!

Yeh, if you go on a ride to Wyre forest let me know that would be great!