Craziest thing on an entry level

What is the craziest thing you have done on an entry level unicycle?

I mean these things are only meant for basic riding, but we’ve all done something crazy on one at some stage.

Tell you stories.

Mine would probably be a 4 foot drop.

3-4 foot drop on a 16" savage. it was jsut a few days after i had joined the forums and i had no idea what the word “taco” meant, all i knew was that a lot of people were using the word in their posts. i looked down after the drop and it immediately clicked :slight_smile:

In conclusion, savages prefer to stay on the ground.


Rode down a snow/ice covered hill on a Torker CX 24" to impress a girl.

I slipped, the unicycle dug into the ice, and was sorta catapulted into the air. It bounced a few times, twisting the rim pretty bad. I’ll never forget sliding down that hill on my back, looking up, and seeing my beloved unicycle spinning and flipping so violently.

I did a 4 foot drop with a Torker CX and twisted the crank so that the pedal pointed inward at the rim.

I also did drops on a generic 26 inch with a terrible rim. Its hilarious, I still have the rim. Every time you try to mount it, it tacos, and then you can just pop it back into place.

Suicide mounted my Torker CX 24 off of a 5 foot high railing. That’s how I got my rim in the position it’s in now.

hmmmmm… so, the moral of this forum is: don’t take your torker off of any drops bigger than 2ft?

Well duh.

High speed gliding. no protection. doubles the thrill.

Trying to ultimate wheel a stock steel wheel.

It warped upon my second down stroke

“Entry level” unicycles used to be all you could get. So most everything here is on entry level cycles:

Here’s an amusing anecdote…

The week before halloween, we had a whole lot of rain. I don’t know how many inches, but the river than runs through town had overrun it’s banks.

There were some real nice paved walking trails that ran through some woods alongside this same river. I had some time to kill, so I took my unicycle down for some scenic riding.

There was a spot just before a bridge that was submerged in six inches of water. I thought it might be a sign of things to come, but I figured, “The rest of the trail will be mostly dry, and the water won’t get much deeper than that”

so I pressed on.

I came to another submerged part of the trail, right before a bend. I figured the water would only continue for a few feet around the corner, so I carefully rode into it. As I turned, I saw that the next hundred feet or so was completely under water. I figured my feet were already wet, so I kept riding.

At that point, my entire wheel was swimming.

eventually, I came back onto dry land. I was already thinking how I was going to explain to my friends who my pants were wet (Oh, nothing. I was just unicycling through about two feet of flood water, that’s all.), when I came to yet another washed out section of trail. It looked deeper than the previous sections, and so I considered turning back. Unfortunately, that would have meant riding back through the 100 feet of deep water. And, as if to tempt me, I could see the end of the trail. So, I pulled my pants up to my knees, and rode in.

The water quickly rode up over my wheel, over my frame, my saddle, until it was well above my belly button. I ended up tripping over a rock, and being unable to remount, I swam the remaining distance.

Craziest thing done on an entry level unicycle: Rode through five feet of flood water.

I liked that water one. Why is there always a rock or a pothole at the deepest point in the underwater section?

We used to ride our unicycles into pools. I was never able to make a proper dive off a diving board though. Closest I ever came was getting from vertical to horizontal before hitting the water (belly flop). I stopped experimenting around that point. Last time I did that was in the Philippines in 1999.

Goin’ big

Torker Cx 20", Five Set 180, upon landing snapped the front crank arm off, sheering the hub. Fell on the stairs, crank shot out about 15 feet behind me. It was rad. HAHA. This trick is easily done with the DX without trouble. Really a awesome looking trick.

When i got bored with unicycling on my crapy 24" no-name unicycle (also before i learnt you could actually do tricks on one courtesy of this site) i thought i would combine three of my hobbies. So i took my unicycle on our trampoline. Also i rode it off our schools 3 metre springboard into the pool. Unfortunately no one caught that on tape but here’s a pic of me on our trampoline on my unicycle,

And the water keeps getting deeper…

Sockmonster, that exact same thing happened to me, but with a mini dirt bike. I rode it through a big puddle (about 1 foot deep) and it stopped running so i had to drag it home. Instead of going back through the puddle, i went another way. There i saw a huge area covered in water with thick vines all over it. At first, it was only a couple of inches deep, so i started through it, thinking that it was a much better option than the puddle. By the time i was in the middle of it, it was about 3 feet deep, i was up to my waist in water, the dirt bike was completely submerged - and really heavy by now, and the vines were more like beaver dams that i had to lift the dirt bike up and over to get any further towards home. I still remember it as one of the worst - and most frustrating - days of my life. I was so pissed that i hadn’t gone back through the 1-foot puddle at the beginning.

Thanks to you though, i can now laugh that my worst day happened to someone else. Hahaha! Sucks to be us, i guess.


I did A LOT of snow/offroad on my old 24" Cycle Pro… That’s prolly why the hub bent on it… It wasn’t designed for repeated drops off 6" curbs with a 200lb guy riding it :wink: