Crazed inventor rides geared unicycle

Congratulations from me too - can’t wait to try it out this summer.


now, you should try to enter some speed events at the conventions. the rules only say that the maximum wheel is 24". I dont think the rules say anything about a geared hub. When you get a chance, i would love it if you could put up some movies of the uni in action.
-David Kaplan


John Foss addressed the racing issue in this past thread:

I’m sorry I don’t have the facilities (faculties?) for either making or posting videos. I am still startled every time I mount the thing. It is like mounting a Coker for the first time without the big jump. As soon as I push on the pedals it wants to GO FAST. Then, when I correct, it wants to GO BACKWARDS FAST. For your movie, picture a goofy looking old geezer doing what I just described with hands flailing and wobbling until reaching a controllable speed.