Crawley Convention

Anyone doing Crawley this year, I’ll be there again from Friday night.

Aug 11th - 12th

yer man i’l be there, were camping with our big pirate flag as usual, come and find us!

thanks again for letting me use your 29’er at the BJC


Yeah hopefully will be in attendance this year as most my juggling group (aylesbury jugglers) lot intend to. I’m trying to persuade edd to attend this year too and i think he might enjoy it (btw please can people help me encourage/persuade him to attend by giving him comments about how great crawly is an stuff, cheers).

Edd crawly is awsome! after all is known as “the freindly convention”!


Madeleine and I will be there too

No worries mate, look forward to seeing you there

Edd, get youself down here, I’ve always had fun at Crawley, it’ll definitley be a laugh.

I’ll be there. I live 20mins from Crawley and no all the good local riding spots if any of you fancy going for a ride. There’s some great street and trials spots and even places to muni! I’ll be at the convention all week so if you wana ride PM before and we’ll arange it! See u there

Me, loose, smout, ruper and packer will all be in evidence. We wil no doubt bring muhcos unicycles.

Makes it so tempting to go…

If only I had a car, I wonder if Lucas is heading down, might need to text him.


Oh you love the engineering crew Mike. Also i have two litres of very high quality vodka sitting on my desk that may well be administered freely.

Last time I drunk vodka I can’t remember the whole night. One whiff of the stuff and I am rat-arsed.

But I really would like to attend, from what I’ve heard it’s really good. And haven’t seen the engineering crew in a long time so that would be cool.


Err, it’s a 2 day convention.

Anyway, since I’ve vaguely volunteered to organise unicycle jousting heats on the Saturday[1], does anyone have any thoughts on how best to do it?

My thought was to put the names of all the participants in a hat, then draw them at random. Each participant in the heats would get to joust against 3 others. Each joust would then be best of 3, with points being scored for a win. The participants with the most points would go through to the finals.

I’m open to alternative suggestions. We might be able to get everyone jousting against more than 3 others, depending on how many people want to joust.

[1] I suggested unicycle jousting to Dave for the games, to go with the mediaeval theme, but he correctly pointed out that it would take too long. So if I organise heats on Saturday, we can have the finals in the games on Sunday.

Jousting! what a great idea (suiting the theme n’ all).
Yeah your names in the hat method sounds a good way of doing it, although perhaps there should be several different categories like age groups, say 8-10 years, 10-15 years then 15 up, just to ensure there wouldn’t be any really little kids with really big kids etc.

Would be great to see you guys there, should be a great laugh (you could even teach me triple backflips mike!):smiley:


We did jousting at crawley a few year ago. I think there were only about 8 participants so they did it at the end of the games. We were put in to random pairs and the winner went through to the next round. Each round was best of three jousts. Having eliminators on the saturday sounds like more fun though with the anticipation of the final on the sunday to top it off.

Im going to be there! bringing some friends and family too. its going to be awesome! Jousting sounds like fun, i did it a few years ago in the games, but since then there are alot more unicyclists who go, so having heats is definately a good idea.
Amanda - please come! you know crawley is worth whatever it costs to get there!! and it would mean you have a really fun birthday! and mike it would be good if you could come too, you should force lucas to drive you - the more the merrier!
Looking forward to it! itll be great to see everyone again :slight_smile:

everyone get there!

it will be fun, it is what you make it and the more people that make it there the merrier it wil be!

moose my renegade act is dedicated to you so you beter be there!



You bet I’m gonna be there, but I’m not promising that i’ll be sober enough to appreciate your efforts. I’ll give it a good go tho :P.

See you all tomorrow!!


oh sweet loose, we weren’t sure if you were going to be coming. Me smootus and the pack attack will be arriving prob around 6-7ish, bag us a spot if you get there first.

What an awesome weekend! Was great to see so many people there, one of the best yet out of the 8 or so ive been to! ive made a facebook group for it so search for crawley appreciation group and join to share memories and photos.

See you all next year!