Crawley Convention!

So, who is going to Crawley Convention?

Last year there were loads of unicyclists there and it was great fun.

I know that there are a couple of unicycle workshops being given including a Unicycle Maintainence workshop from Roger (UDC).

There is a small woodland next to the convention site with loads of great trails to ride.

Hope to see a few of you there.

If you need more info see


Me, Loosemoose, Smouty ands Rupert are all going for some trials, freestyle muni and giraffeing.

and I’ll be there for Saturday too. maybe even wearing a purple shirt for once!
Plumsie, introduce yourself!

any hockey going on at all do we know? thinkin about bringing the stick

I believe Amanda is now going to the convention too. I could almost come but not quite. Jeff Groves is also going (I think).


I think the last time we tried to play hockey at Crawley must be getting on for 10 years ago. The problem is that there really isn’t anywhere suitable to play. For years I carried on taking sticks just in case, but I no longer bother.

Still, if you can easily take a stick then I’d always recommend doing so, just in case you can find enough people for a knock about. I won’t be taking one - with 2 adults, 2 kids and everything we need for a week’s camping (we’re not coming straight home after the convention) in a Fabia, space is at a premium!

Changed my mind. There are now two sticks in the car. I’m up for a knockabout on Saturday, if you like. Now, I wonder where my hockey ball is…

it’s all right, I’ll bring some dead tennis balls!

good choice! im sure we might be able to find somewhere to play. now how to get people together at same time hmmm. a note on a workshop notice board? or maybe a loud megaphone “HOCKEY THIS WAY” :smiley: that might work