Crater Lake, Oregon. Tips or Trails?

Next month we’re going to Crater Lake in Oregon. We’ll be camping at Diamond Lake near the north entrance.

Anyone familiar with trails in the area?

OOOOOOH!! Very beautiful area, to quote someone else (?) “My envy hurts.”

I’ve been there once, the only trail I was on (w*alking) was the one down to the lake, which was more than a little steeeeep. There must be more.:smiley:

Check the relevant web sites to see if they list anything for cyclists. Most major parks don’t allow cycling on the “interesting” trails. For instance, I did ride my unicycle a little bit in Yellowstone, but only on what were basically dirt roads. The cool thing about the closed-off road I did ride; nobody else was on it. I came around a corner and there was a huge elk, just sitting by the side of the road. A little farther up, I came to a coyote.

People in parks, please ride legally. Others of us will follow.

Jacquie and I missed our chance to go to Crater Lake a few years back when we were in the area for Brett Bymaster’s wedding. This was on the way up to the 2002 NAUCC/Unicon.

I suspect any Muni will be outside of the National Park. I found one review on mtbr for Diamond Lake. I’ll ask around once I get there too but if any of y’all are familiar with the area let me know.

Since this a family vacation I need to balance riding against other activities; I don’t think I’ll have the time, training, or inclination to do the Crater Lake Rim Ride on a Coker but that would be a cool accomplishment.