Crash resistance of Magura HS-33s

Hey y’all

Yesterday I broke another 2cm section off my Magura HS11 lever. It has a Delta brake lever extender and the break occurred just behind where the BLE bolts on. I’ve had this happen before (this is my second HS11 lever) and I expect it’ll happen again cos of the weak plastic (composite) construction of the lever.

This got me thinking maybe I should get an HS-33 metal lever instead. But do these levers have the same problem? Do they bend and or break after repeated crashes? Are they any stronger?


Obviously being metal you would expect them to be stronger and have never broken mine. Why not put them slightly behing the handel so they are not vonerable. Hs33’s are no doubt better and stronger brakes than hs11(which are only designed for touring) so it would be a good choice to get a hs33.

Hey Tony

my maguras came stock with a metal leaver and i havent broken it…yet.
its taken a fair beating from being dropped numerous times on huge rocks and concrete edges, etc… but it hasnt failed yet. its probably the way to go.


yeah the metal levers are nice, my hs33’s lever has taken quite the beating and I have never had a problem.