Crash Fest - The Road to Success

This one is for all the UPD enthusiasts out there! I started making this video following a broken foot I suffered in mid-September, I felt that making a crash compilation was a fitting way to celebrate my time on crutches =(

I went for my first ride in 4 months last week, and I’m happy to say the foot feels pretty good! I’m pretty stoked to get back into the swing of things.

Please comment and subscribe! It should be a fun year!

Are you still alive?

The slide at 0:43 was sweet and your tree hugging skills are very advanced.


Very entertaining- thanks. I won’t be showing this to Mrs pax or the kids :slight_smile:


Ouch ouch ouch!

That makes my eyes water just watching.

Yes I’m very much alive! The worst injuries obtained from this video were only a couple bruises (and a sore shoulder from the 2 wheeled crash, but that doesn’t count)

Fall Trying

Fall Trying … And… One more time
Mantras from rock climbing, but they apply quite often. Eventually you won’t fall and you will clear the section, stick the landing, not dab, and send it.

Nice work. It shows what goes into a super slick video… Lots of practice.


Some big hits here. That one at 1:59 is a beauty.

cool vid, thank you for sharing

Especially while filming! I want the perfect shot (or as close to it as I can manage on the day) which forces me to ride farther outside my comfort zone, resulting in some beautiful crashes!


I’m in the process of recovering from a broken ankle and have been trying some gentle and stupidly some not so gentle muni-this gave me hope! Having said that I’m twice your age so some of your crashes would probably do me in!:slight_smile:

Chuc nam Thin nhanh va kheo nhu ran.
Chuc dien dan ngay mot vung manh, anh em doan ket, post bai chat luong.
Tran trong.
Chuc mung nam moi.

How did you break your ankle? Just take it one small step at a time, the last thing you want to do is re-injure it!

Thanks for that :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Makes me appreciate those tough and fast lines u do a lot more.

Looks like u put in that shot twice (& one or two others). I remember that UPD from an old Van Uni vid :sunglasses:

Curious, why do always wear yellow shirts? (the last few years anyways)

That consistency makes it real easy to spot u in just about any Van Uni vid :sunglasses:

Yes there are a couple repeat shots in there… usually one normal speed and one in slow motion. the 1:59 clip (and 2:49) are from the vid “worst of VanUni 2007” by Frank.

When I started riding I used to wear my favorite jersey from my soccer days, which was yellow… and it just became a thing. Yellow shows up really well in video against the dark backgrounds of the forest, and overtime it became one of my trademarks… so I just stuck with it =)