Crash, Bam, Boom, Bang!

Speaking of crashing, I have never hit my head or broken a bone but over the
years I have had a few ones worth mentioning.

One of the best was when I was riding in the bike lane (one of those that are in
the middle of the road). I was just coming from class and I had my headphones
around my neck but the jack was not plugged into the walkman. Well, I was
minding my own business when my head started to get yanked down. It took my a
few moments (or should I say revolutions) to figure out that the cord of the
headphones was getting wrapped around the crank. I got off and stumbled over to
the curve to get unwrapped.

My most fearfull dismount was when I was on the six-footer working on
one-footing. It was only a year or two after I had learned to ride so my skill
was not solid. Well, I tried to ride one foot and the next thing I remember is
bouncing off the pavement. It took my 5 years before I got the courage to learn
to ride one-foot on a six-foot.

A friend and I recently were riding big wheel unicycles around the neighborhood,
terrorizing young childen and small dogs when John and I decided to see how fast
we can go. Well, we were riding 36" big wheels and the speed and momentum on
those can get scary. John (being the more gutsy type) got a bit ahead of me.
Then, John wiped landing on his wrist and leg. Luckily his wrist wasn’t broken
(sprained) but he had some nasty scrapes on his leg and arm. What happened was
that his shoelace got caught on the cranks and since there so much momentum of
the unicycle he couldn’t slow down. Being that his shoelace was attached to the
unicycle he couldn’t jump off, only go down with the ship. Now when I ride the
big wheel, I triple tie my shoelaces.

Enough scary Halloween stories . . .

Andy Cotter Vice President of Unicycling Society of America