Crappy nick-knack

Here’s the perfect gift for someone on this forum
Scale-wise I think it’s a 26".
I can hear the one-liners already:


Since you started it with the subject line…

I think he’s headed for a wipe-out.

it looks more like a 29 he’s riding
but who cares

i don’t get how it works, because it looks like he’d touch the roll holder, but there’s no room for a whole roll to fit under him, unless he’s springloaded

thats so funny i want one of those

“…but there’s no room for a whole roll to fit under him, unless he’s springloaded”

I think he’s spring loaded. The wheel probably rolls as you pull out paper.

He reminds me of someone though…hmmm.

I don’t think that I want to purchase anyone’s used toilet paper holder.

Hahaha, I just got the title.


Re: Crappy nick-knack

We’ve had this thing on JC a couple of times, including discussions on
how to properly ‘lace’ the paper AND have the unicyclist ride forward.
Outcome: the combination is not possible.

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I’ve got one of these little guys and, though my wife says that I’m a tad obsessive, in our bathroom remodel this summer I’ll be painting his “helmet” to match my Giro “Xen” and his jersey to match a Memphis Unicycle Club racing jersey. Obsessive? I think not.

Besides, after MUC gatherings at our home it is fun to see which way (forward or backwards) he is riding.


I just upped the ante up to $2! I’m still not the highest bidder. sigh. Looks like darchibald is still the tops.

Good luck! I just couldn’t let you have it for 99 cents! I won’t enter further into a bidding war, I know defeat when I see it.


Dang! I want to find out who makes this thing and corner the market on them! I think everyone NEEDS one of these.

I’ll bet that it goes for at least $25.


It’s not like he’s ridden it across any logs

Our TP Uni-Guy has the most important job in the house: Keeper of the SPARE roll. No excuses for running out!

People that leave an empty TP rolls should be banished to ride on Savage seats.

End all TP directional fights…make this a 2-roller

If you have a double stack uni-man; does he have to look like Gilby?

Hey already DOES look like Gilby!


How can we be sure? I tend to be a bit fecal about these kind of things.