Crappy accident

Had a crappy accident today. Usually I ride a 24 inch muni on trails, but tonight I decided to hop on my 29 inch for a bit of road time. Don’t know what happened, not sure why I fell, but I got tangled up and landed on my neck on my seat post. Fortunately it didn’t affect my airway, no breathing difficulties, but I feel like I have the worst sore throat of my life, swallowing feels like I am trying to swallow a razor blade. Getting water down is hard. You can’t see anything on the outside, not even a bruise (yet). Wondering if there is some kind of neck protection I can add to my armour. I know this was a fluke, but man, I don’t want to repeat this!

Oh geez. :frowning:
Take it easy for a bit. I say seek medical attention. Hope you haven’t broke anything in your neck.

I am so sorry to learn that, @zebra ! I hope you heal well, and quickly.

As I am one that had two neck surgeries after being in pain for 6 weeks and visiting a chiropractor 12 times, only to find out I had damaged my vertebrae and in turn, my spinal cord, please do not discount a neck injury, or try to “tough it out” without seeing a doctor. In my case, I saw multiple doctors. But it wasn’t until I saw a neurosurgeon who ordered an MRI that the cause of my pain and other weird symptoms was determined.

I say all of that to acknowledge that you possibly are only dealing with soft-tissue trauma and a bad bruise. I hope and pray that is the case.

However, if the symptoms persist, please see a doctor or two.

Again, I hope you heal quickly. And lastly, thank you for sharing!

Sorry to hear that.
Hope you feeling better soon and back riding again.

Sounds bad. I hope you live in a country with healthcare :confused:
As I grow older and see people around me (and myself actually) having long-term medical issues , I take my injuries, even if they appear minor, way more seriously than before.

Thanks very much, already this morning it seems better, fingers crossed.

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I do fortunately live in a country with healthcare. I hear you about aging, I am 55, and things don’t heal like they used to. I think I better become a bit more cautious.

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Good to hear you’re ok… but man!, a neck injury?
That is a fluke.

I suggest to wear a neck brace with a full face helmet that has a neck guard until you feel too dorky or the neck pain goes away.

I’m kidding.
It does seem like a million to one odds injury that has no way of being repeated.

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I agree Canoeheadted, what are the chances of this happening again? But it could have been so much worse, if I had crushed my windpipe, I could have laid there on the road and asphyxiated. On the other hand, there are so many other things that could happen to me that have such a higher probability of happening, that I don’t protect for or avoid, every time I get in my car . . .

Yup… so wear the safety gear in the car too. :rofl:
I’m such a dork.

Kidding aside, I have cracked/bruised my sternum from a parking lot faceplant that took months to recover from.
So ya… I understand the apprehension.
I’ve dialed back the “giver shit” riding to a much more controlled style of riding.
I don’t heal anymore either so all the injuries add up.

Neck protection sounds uncomfortable to ride with, but there are two parts to this injury, your neck and the seat post. Why not wrap some foam around the seat post so it is not so solid of an impact if you manage to tangle with it again? A pool noodle should be just about perfect to cut to length and slip over a seat post.


That is brilliant, I will totally do that, so cheap, so easy, would definitely save the neck next time, Unigoof, you are a smart human.

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Sorry to hear about the fall.
So now you have a solution for minimizing fall damage. Padding on post.

This “fluke” will happen again, if you don’t learn.
So what exactly happened?

Is this a new area that you were riding.
Or same place different time of day. That is a new riding environment.

-Did you hit a bump or a rise.
-What was your body reaction. Did you freeze or compensate?
-Did you fall into the unicycle? Head first?
-Did the unicycle kick up and hit you?

Are you equally skilled on the 29" as you are on the 24".
That is can you do the same skills, tricks and feeling of confidence on each.
You will probably be fearful of the larger unicycle after you recover and start with the 24", again.
Stay safe. Understand your limitations.

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