CRAP! Bent something again!

Breaking your uni is like a car crash. You see a lot of pictures but you never think it’s going to happen to you.

Stick that in your Sig and smoke it.

I was out with my Summit Uni doing some trials stuff on those concrete cylinders on campus (pics in my gallery for those who don’t know what I’m talking about) when I did something pretty dumb. I jumped and did a crank grab on the lip of the skinny blue cylinder but my balance was off so I jumped off just to make the regular crank stall. I don’t know what happened, but I must not have jumped far enough or I jumped too far. What I’m pretty sure happened was I landed the fall down on the uni but then I didn’t stick the landing and then I fell off and then I heard a horrible noise. When I rode it around after that I could feel something was bent.

When I got back to my room I didn’t asses the situation right away. Actually the first thing I did was look up crank arms on It wasn’t uni-till I was talking to Zach Jucha on AIM that I finally decided to take off the crank to lay it on the table to get a good look at it. I took of the pedal and laid it down and saw that the “screw-in” part was wobbling like a mad man.


Wooh, talk about a big scare. I really wasn’t in the mood to pony up 70 bucks for new cranks. Zach was the first to hear the good news. Anyway I’m minus a unicycle uni-till I can get to the bike shop tomorrow and buy some new pedals.

Wait a second…… I’m broke :frowning:

Man that sux…You should look on ebay for pedals. I just got some old style Snafu’s for $15 plus shipping. and he only sold 2 so he should be putting the other 3 back up for auction.

oh yeah i found them…here’s the link

Re: CRAP! Bent something again!

XWonka’s Gallery

What kind of pedals they were. At least Wellgo makes pretty good stuff. DMR is an other good brand when buying from bike shops.

Re: CRAP! Bent something again!

what happened to me was that the part of the cranks where you screw
your pedal was … well …screwed
since I did not want to change cranks and pedals already
a friend of mine (with heavy tool machinery) managed to screw a wire
in-between the crank and the pedal.
now I am unable to part crank and pedal (they are fitted strongly
together) but I am able to wait for the next crash
(not me: unable to ride, but those who use this Uni of mine)


They were actually Wellgo :stuck_out_tongue:

I was actually contemplating getting new pedals earlier because i really didn’t like them too much and the pins are filed completely off from use.