Cranx Bike Park - Syracuse, NY, USA

There’s a new indoor/outdoor bike park under construction in Syracuse, NY called Cranx.

I don’t know much about bike parks but the plans look cool.
According to their site:

After a quick email, they updated their FAQ:

I’m not sure how much of it will be good/fun for unicycling.
Does anyone have experience riding muni at such a place?

Syracuse, NY was the site of the first World Unicycling Championships, an appropriate location to welcome unicycles. :slight_smile:

We also had the 1983 USA Convention there, with riders from 8 or 9 countries. I call it Unicon Zero.

Sounds like a really cool place; wish I lived closer!

cool, open yet?

Not open yet as far as I know.

I really!!! want to go!

The 2 Ray’s locations are the other 2 parks.

The Cleveland location is the original. The Milwaukee is newer, but looks very cool.

We’ve been to the Cleveland location several times over the span of several years. While there are a lot of skinnies and technical bits, the general flow of the park is designed for bikes with a freewheel. Some of the transitions are not a whole lot of fun on the uni (think quick drop ins to gain speed).

The pump track (of of my personal favorite spots) would be mildly entertaining at best and dangerous at worst- nothing like getting in the way of a bike pumping around the course at 20mph to kill the buzz.

Taking a quick look at the plans for the Cranx park it seems to be designed around fast flow and jumps.

Just a quick look at the plans makes me think that the trip to Cleveland would be a longer trip, but more rewarding.

They’re cool with unis too.

Personally, even though I’ve taken a uni and ridden it a few times at Ray’s, I much prefer 2 wheels for most of the day. Take both!

I am going to rays on the 30th. we were going to take the bikes be we cant because of the new cars. so i get to take 2unis :smiley:

Here is a guy riding his 36 on some ramps, and then at Ray’s (3:50 on).

The beginning outdoor ramp part seems kind of pointless imo. Carving the ramp transitions seems too simple and routine. Although, I admit I’ve never ridden ramp on a uni.
The indoor stuff looks fun. I’d like to have long stretches of northshore style trails and skinny challenges.
I’ll have to see how Cranx comes together and what features they put in.