Just got 2 unicycles in the mail for the kids… ISIS cranks are only about half way on… they go on about 3/8" then stop… both are the same.

I watched a tutorial on Unicycle.com and the cranks just slipped on with a little grease… not so here…

Please advise.


What kind of uni’s? What brand/model cranks? Hub? Are there spacers between the cranks and the bearings on the hub?


Koxx One…ISIS cranks/hub. Yes, the spacer is about 1/4".

Hello Brad, the cranks will slip on only so far. Then you have to tighten them on by screwing on the crank bolt with an allen key until the crank rests against the spacer.

Hope this helps.

Here’s a video I made. Maybe this will help

Sorry the video won’t upload. I’ll try again later.



Thanks for the advice…I’ve read about doing it this way…but with the amount of torque I’d have to put on the allen wrench for it to go all the way, I’m worried I’ll strip out the threads in hub.

I actually tried this and saw the cranks move a few millimeters, but after that I stopped.

How long of allen wrench are you using? I’d like to see someone strip out their axle threads using a standard length wrench.