cranky weekend

This has been the best weekend for my unicycling in ages the sun was in the sky the ground was a little wet but the sun was out so it was not so bad. The unicycle club started at the normal time and every member was riding inc. nick who has not ridden since last year sometime. We found our selves at the local skatepark doing the normal trials stuff drops ect when i tried 'assisted grinding" this is where I stuck my crank on the sloped part of a ramp and hop on. Phil watch me do this and said something like “that must be easier on a flat surface” he spotted the metal bench lined up threw a dummy run or two and finally did a foot or so grind!!! On a fairly high bench so I was really pumped to get to rubber on my crank grabs, later on in our ride, I did it after about 3 try’s on a bench i got to rubber!! I can do it almost every time now and I am soooo happy and to see phil grind was amazing.
The tale does not end though today (sunday) I won the Chambers family lotto the jackpot being 15 pounds ok do some of you that’s no money at all but that’s one step closer to a qu-ax or universe 2.

congrats! I thought from the title that it was a bad weekend so I was kind of confused at first.