Cranksize for Coker

I got my coker this morning, and am currently riding on 114mm cranks. I’ve had a topspeed of 29.3km/h (18.2mph) I have no idea if it’s any good, but I think I could do better on shorter cranks… What cranksize do you use on your coker? And what do you suggest I do? (Keep in mind, Holland is quite flat :p)

18.2 MPH sounds very fast to this rider. Having ridden between Amsterdam and Vollendam on a bike, I know what a great riding culture there is where you are. Are you interested in covering more ground quicker than you already do? Maybe the Schlumpf hub is what you need. With scenery as beautiful as you’ve got, I’d be interested in going slower, not faster. Have fun.

114s sound very short, I run the stock 150s=(approx 6") and I am thinking about trying some 125s=(approx 5") cant say as I would try 114s are you sure about the size?

I once rode a 42" air tire big wheel with 4.5: cranks in Holland. I’m realizing that’s almost how short yours already are. That big, heavy 42" wheel took me about 10 tries to mount, but then I was able to cruise around. Your next size to try would probably be 102, as 110 probably won’t feel much different.

But you won’t have much reaction or stopping power…

102’s are my favourite crank size for Cokering perfectly flat ground. It’s about 5% faster than 110’s, and it really glides along.