I would like to know if anyone has a spare Crankset that is compatible with the latest model of Sun extreme DX 24" (Gray). ISIS is a must. A rough measurement of the hub yeilded 100mm. Used is preferred.


Goudurix has a lot of the Qu-Ax cranks, which tend to be cheaper than the nimbus or KH cranks. . . . depends on what you want to do with the wheel, but those moment cranks are a steal at that price, and will never break.

Does anyone know where I could get bearings and a hub for the same Unicycle? The hub measurement was between bearing centers.

I can’t dig up measurements to be 100% sure, but it probably holds a standard ISIS hub. A nimbus 100mm ISIS hub should fit just fine in that case. ISIS hubs usually use 42x22x12 bearings, which can also be found at along with the hub. Impact unicycles use something slimmer (32x22x14 I believe, or a double bearing system)

If you need a new wheel build though, I would price it out before buying parts. It’s almost always cheaper to buy a complete unicycle than to rebuild a wheel from scratch.

Wheel building

Yes, I am planning on a wheel build, but I got the rim, spokes, tire, and nipples off a used bike, so all I need to actually buy is a set of cranks and a hub with bearings.

you typically wont find used hubs. They pop up every now and then, but I gave up trying to search for them. Anyway, hubs usually come with bearings already installed. It shouldn’t be something you should have to buy separately.

Thread closed

Thanks Juggleaddict,

Found several people offering cranks for good prices, so I am closing this thread, because it is redundant.

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