I have a DX that I do trials on and I’m looking to get into flatland. I’ve heard and can tell that the DX cranks are bad for flatland. So will the DX work decent for me to learn flatland if I get some good cranks (in which I would like suggestions) or do I really just have to get a new uni…?

well, there are no cranks that really fit on DX hubs that would be suitable for flat.

also, to get new cranks youd also have to get a hub, and then you might as well get a new rim, and then youll have to get a fram anyway, and then why not a seat…

the dx cranks should work well enough to learn the essentialles though.

You would if you didn’t want one which weighed 5 pounds and had ungodly tire clearance. With that being said - the DX frame isnt that bad, I dealt with it long enough.