My Unicycle has Bent Cranks and i was wondering if any body knows what a good set of cranks are with in a reasonable price range?

For what application? I normally use the basic alloy ones from, and so far I’ve never bent one. I have some basic steel ones on my MUni. I have a pair of Doteks I seldom use.

If you’re overlooking the obvious benefits arising from the circularity of the wheel, and progressing with intermittent vertical movements, then you’re more likely to bend the cranks.

until you get cranks that you cant bare to spend money on, learn this…

you probably bent them doing a drop when your feet landed parellel to the ground?

try to roll out on impact, changing your downward force to as much forward rolling force as you can

(land with cranks parellel, but on impact, try to ride it out as soon as you hit)