I just bent a pair of cranks doing a large drop (for me anyway. It was about 4 feet maybe.). :angry: The bad thing about this, however, is that they were on my dad’s uni. (Nimbus 24" MUni)
They were the stock cranks, so it’s not a huge amount of money, but I don’t know what I should get him to replace them. They look a lot like Bicycle Euro’s but I’m not at all sure. So:

1: Does anybody know what would be the closest alternative to these cranks? About how much do they cost?

2: What is the best/strongest type of trials cranks for a poor unsplined uni? Doteks? Monty trials?

hey feugo, are you the leif that went to black hills muni weekend? im aaron if you remember me, we were the only 15 year olds. and on the cranks, i think the only ones that might be good are these and you probably want to get the 170 cranks on a 24", but its your preference

Yep, that’s me, and I do remember you. Those are a little on the expensive side for me. The 24" is my dad’s muni, and not that much insane stuff is going to happen on it. I was looking for strong cranks for the trials I’m gonna buy.

well the black widows are probably are as strong as they come, there is nothing inbetween or over. there are the ones that suck, and threre are the ones that are good. so either way you are gunna have to buy these or keep going through crappy ones