so, i get my uni, i learn to ride it, and i think i stripped the threading in one of the cranks. the pedal is in there good, but i can move it with my hand… what should i do about this? force the pedal out and put it back in? or would that fuck the threads up more? or should i just buy new cranks?

You should be able to unscrew the pedal with a 15mm wrench (spanner, UK). The right pedal has right hand threads and the left pedal has left hand threads and so it will act BACKWARDS. If you have trouble getting the pedal loose or off because the pedal axle is wobbling around in the crank threads then the pedal and/or crank threads are stripped. If the cranks are aluminum, they are they culprit.

What kind of unicycle is this? You can buy cheap pedals for a cheap unicycle at a bike shop that specializes in or carries BMX stuff. The cranks you’re going to have to go to for but that’s a fun thing anyway.

What do you mean when you say “I can move it by hand” and “force the pedal out?” You should be able to rotate a pedal by hand and, if the bearings in the pedal are loose, it will move laterally somewhat. You shouldn’t have to force the pedal out, it should just unscrew.

He’s on the $229 United/Monty combo.
I pointed him towards the same cranks for replacement or the Profiles. :slight_smile: