Looking for some help in getting the cranks on the spindle. They only go about 1/4 of the way on and no matter what I’ve tried I can’t get them on the rest of the way. 1/2 way is about all. I’ve tried grease, rubber mallot… someone said to just screw them down and that eventually they would go on, but I’m worried that I’ll strip out the threads because I’m having to put a lot of torque on that screw.

Or…does it require this much force? I just don’t know as I don’t have a standard to go by. I will say that this has been the case for all 5 KOXX trials unicycles I’ve purchased.

Any help is appreciated.

It’s hard to know how much torque you mean by “a lot of torque.” I’d say your best bet would be to take it to a friendly bike shop and have them take a look. Every self-respecting mechanic I’ve known would be more than happy to check what you’re doing and help you spot a problem before any permanent damage happens. (They really don’t like it when customers wreck parts trying to force them the wrong way and then bring in the mess for them to fix.)

If you can’t find a shop to help, by all means get on Google and look at as many pictures as you can find of the parts both assembled and unassembled. Make sure you really know how it’s supposed to fit and that you’ve got your parts together the right way, that the spacers are the right length and in the right place, that the screw isn’t bottoming out in the hole, etc.

Sometimes new parts have small burrs or other imperfections that make them hard to get together the first time. And sometimes it fixes itself if you go ahead and crank it down a little harder. Other times you’re better off taking it back apart, cleaning up and filing as needed. If you have any doubts, stop and think and look at it really hard.

Dunno if that helps but since no one else replied… Take your time and good luck with it.