I have a 29" nimbus with 125’s on it. I need smaller cranks. Are they called tapered when they are “square”? I can buy new but if anyone has smaller ones they want to sell I would prefer to “recycle”. ( I know, bad joke). Pm me if you have some you want to get rid of. I am in NC. rem

These cranks are “cotterless” or “square taper”.

These cranks are ISIS.

Based on your description you are probably looking for square taper cranks, but if not I have a pair of 114mm ISIS cranks for sale.

thanks david. I am looking for cotterless/square tapered. if you you hear of any please direct them to me.

How small are you looking for. I have some alloy square taper 105mm’s. Let me know.

Beener! Would you sell them to me? If rem48 doesn’t take 'em I will, that is if they’re for a reasonable price. BTW, the 29er’s running strong, did 35 km on it yesterday.

Beener, Just saw your post. I PM’d you then i saw where you were. I think it wouldn’t be cost effective to ship. The other guy is in the same place you are so I guess you can sell to him. Thanks for the offer. rem

I don’t want to push you out if you want to buy them, rem. I just wanted to throw in my bid for second spot.

you didn’t. I just saw that you two are located real close and shipping would probably be alot for me. I will get some, I am sure there is someone with some or I will just buy new ones. Thanks.

Let me have a look and see what I have. I think I might have some steel 115mm’s too.