Cranks? What to get?

I need to get some new cranks for my coker I’m considering going with Bicycle Euro or Lasco’s. My hub is the wide schwinn. I primarily use it on the road. Any recomendations?

The bicycle Euros are strong but they’re really heavy- I use them for my Coker when I’m riding off-road and also on my 29’er.

Don’t know about lascos- I’ve heard bad things about them. But I use cut down Doteks which are really light and I’ve done thousands of km’s on them (and even a bit of off-road) and they’re fine. Woudn’t do drops on them though.

I’m liking the 140 mm (5.5 inch) steel Schwinn cranks. They’re heavy, but they’re more durable than the aluminum offerings. The 140 mm length is also good for the Coker. I like the steel cranks because once they are on, they are on. They won’t come loose during a ride. Aluminum cranks are more of a bother and there is more of a chance of them getting loose during a ride.