Cranks to flat Qu-ax or koxx ?

What cranks are better to flat ride. In my store they have Koxx 140mm reinforced and Qu-Ax Lightweight isis 125mm. Which is better? Anyone ride on these crans in fllat?

Qu-ax 125s are not good I’v twisted two pairs from jumping of small tables

CrMo or Aluminium?

it’s probably the Aluminum ones because he wrote Qu-ax Lightweight ISIS. I think the K-1 would be better, I think they are a little bit larger so it would help for flatland, appart from that, I can’t really compare with Qu-ax cranks because I never used them.

Yip I twisted 2 pairs of Alu

I’ve always kinda wondered what it’d take to twist and break parts. I used to hop off benches with the stock hub and cranks on my cheap Taiwan uni.

A slipy wet table done it for me :slight_smile: almost broke my growth plate in my left foot :smiley: