Cranks - Saddles - Brake

I have a few leftover parts from previous projects that I don’t need.

Everything is in brand-new condition, except for the Brake itself.

Pics and info on request.

  • Cranks: Nimbus Venture II 89mm Cotterless (Black, New)

  • Cranks: Schlumpf 100mm Forged Aluminium Cotterless (Silver)

  • Cranks: QuAx 125mm Aluminium ISIS (Silver)

  • Saddle: Koxx-One Black-Zebra Slim (Black)

  • Saddle: Quax Air (Black)

  • Brake: Magura HS33 Brake (Black)
    Can be supplied with or without parts:
    (Magura clamps, Saddle Lever Bracket, Kris Holm Spooner)

Thanks for viewing :slight_smile:

Can i have pics for the brake and both saddles?

Pics for the brake and both saddles

Could be interested in the above parts - always good to have a pair of 125 isis, they’re useful on many wheel sizes I find.

Do you have a pix of the saddle? Is that on a Velo base? (like the Impact and so on?).

Your ad says “Europe”, where are you based?

Thank you for your replies!

Here is the first batch of pictures:

Magura Brake has 44cm hose, I can provide a longer one (custom cutted) on request.

Koxx Saddle is the Velo base version, same as Impact Naomi.
In fact they are almost identical in shape and foam.

Would also consider selling a Kris Holm 25.4mm Seat Tube, rail version, but only in conjuction with the Quax Air Saddle.

I am based in Italy. :slight_smile:


How much for the Koxx Seat???

I was thinking something around 30 euro plus shipping (which is quite pricey from Italy).

Where are you located? :slight_smile:

PM sent

Replied via email :slight_smile:


Cranks: QuAx 125mm Aluminium ISIS (Silver) SOLD