cranks on backward?

I just got a nimbus x freestyle a few days ago. The unicycle came with the crank arms already attached, but I had to attach the pedals. The pedals as well as the frame had stickers on them saying what side was right and what was left.

After three days of riding, the cranks are completely stripped… the pedals were put in the wrong crank arms. Upon further inspection, I noticed that on the right side of the frame (looking from behind the uni with the handle pointing away) the Qu-Ax crank arm is stamped with an “LH” and the left side crank is stamped “RH”

were the cranks put on the wrong sides? when putting on the pedals I made sure to turn it counter clockwise on the left and clockwise on the right.

Let me know, I’m probably going to call in the morning.

Well the hub has no front and back so you can really put the cranks on either side, they were just on backwards relative to the frame so if you had just turned the frame around it would have been normal.

It’s quite possible: when I got my first 20" Torker I had one pedal strip itself off like that, and I found out later that the LBS I bought it from had installed the wheel backwards in the frame, (or is that the frame backwards on the wheel?). Reversing the wheel in the frame put everything right.

(ooops, Spencer replied as I was typing)

If they came backwards (and they clearly did), it’s’s fault, so they’ll probably send you new cranks and/or new pedals, if those are ruined as well, if you ask 'em.

If the wheel came in the frame that way round then I think you can reasonably expect them to replace the cranks and pedals. I fyou installed thw ehel in the frame yourself them I’m afraid it’s time to get your credit card out.

I humbly (and slightly embarrassed) admit that I was at fault. I was one who attached the wheel to the frame. I just finished ordering new cranks, loctite, and a cotterless crank removal tool from

ps- is the crank removal tool necessary? I couldn’t figure out how to remove the cranks without it.

Oh well, these things happen. A puller is essential to get cranks off, dont be tempted to try and use a hammer, it won’t work and will bash your cranks up.

on my torker lx when i first started riding i put the pedals on bakcwards and me and my friends went riding in town and the right pedal started to come out…
fortunantly for me we were a few minutes from a mechanic shop and they let me use their tools to fix my uni…