cranks on a street uni

i’ve been trying to decide which length of kh cranks i’m going to buy, i’ve read a lot of threads, but i still do not understand. some say that it’s all a preference thing while i read about some people complaining that 110mm cranks are terrible, because they are too short. i am pretty indecisive, and i can’t decide whether to get 110 or 137mm cranks, i have my nimbus equinox street uni with 125 cranks and my first POS uni with 110 cranks, and it seems easier to land tricks on the POS because i don’t have to put my feet as far apart to get them back on the pedals. I did briefly consider buying dual hole cranks, but then i wouldn’t be able to do rolling tricks. i haven’t really done any but i probably will end up doing some trials. Finally, if i get 110 i don’t have to be like everyone else. (I’m totally against being like everyone else, that’s one of the reasons i starting unicycling to begin with.) I just don’t want to spend the money on cranks and regret it afterwards, what do you guys suggest i buy? also, are tricks really that much easier on 137s? Are 110s so bad? Do you need longer cranks for trials? Do you think it will be exponentially difficult for me to learn tricks on 110s? and is it possible to do rolling tricks on dual hole cranks?

Should I just settle for 137s?

For me anyway, flatland/street/trial tricks would be very hard on 110s. 127s are a good length IMO for most stuff, though 137s are better for trials, including still-stands.

Some people use 110s for flatland. More power to them.

So are you buying new cranks for your equinox? (I’m just trying to understand what you are doing.)

I have 137s on my trials and 114s on my equinox freestyle setup. After spending a lot of time on my equinox the 137s feel really long and almost awkward, but after awhile it seems normal again. If you are used to 110’s and 125’s I think 137s are going to be too long for you.

You can use the 125’s for trials no problem. I don’t see why the dual hole cranks wouldn’t work, but I don’t think you need them.

Many freestyle riders have cranks shorter than 100, they do rolling tricks no problem.

I say go for the 110’s. If you were putting them on a trials only uni, it would be a different story, but if it’s an all around street and trials I think it’ll be fine.

Yes, I’m getting new cranks for my equinox street, and I’m more into street/trials/flatland then anything else, right now I already have 125 ventures on it, but if I were to buy kh cranks in 125 again, would the Q factor make much of a difference, or should I just get the 110s? I want to leave open a wide variety of tricks that I can do (not my cranks restricting what I can and can’t do) as I am fairly new to street, but do u think I could do trials on 110s?

I think you would be fine with the 110’s. Worst case scenario you swap out the 125’s when you do a lot of trials, it only takes 5 minutes to switch. From your post it seems you are most comfortable with the 110 size, that is what makes me think you will be fine doing trials with them also.

Unfortunately there is no one size that works for everything. I have a shoe box full of cranks.

I think I will get the 110s then, thank you for your time and help