Cranks moving on the hub! Help needed!

So, my left crank is moving on my hub, it’s moving like if the bolt was loose but it’s super tight. I think the problem is that the part of the crank that goes onto the hub expanded a little bit, is there any way I could repair this? By the way, my cranks are Tensiles on a KH hub if it could help.


Can you try and put a slightly larger spacer between the crank and hub? That might allow you to tighten them a bit more.

it doesn’t work, I tried with different spacers but it just keep moving :frowning: the problem is really the crank that has expanded over time. I’ll have to try to do some ghetto repairs I think… I was thinking about putting a piece of paper between the crank and the hub… I need to get the crank tighter on the hub. (Tensiles are made with a little bit bigger ISIS that the KHs, both of my cranks can be taken off without the bearing puller, not my Moments).

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I have a pair of tensiles that are well used but tight that I’ll sell you for $45 plus shipping.

I’ll get back to you on that one :wink: If I can’t repair mine soon I’ll send you a Pm, I’m sure interested in this if it doesn’t work.

I would try removing the spacers all together to let the crank get on the spindle as far as possible. If they still bottom out with no spacers you will need to shim them up somehow. Maybe a foil tape would work.

I was going for a Trials ride today, I took off the spacer, it looked tight. I tried my uni before leaving home and it started to move as soon as I got on my uni. I tried to put plumbing tape (isolating tape, i dont know how it’s called) it worked for a few unscrewing pedal problems I had but not for the crank. I need to find something to shim it, I’ll try the foil tape, if it doesn’t work, I’ll think of something else, then I’ll send you a PM Triving for your cranks.

I was right about the problem, I took a look inside the cranks, and the one that is moving got “destroyed” a little bit. It is really easy to notice it, I’m sure my mom could see it! I took pictures of them to show you, but I’ll post them tomorrow since I’m on my iPod right now. I PMed you Triving :slight_smile: but I’m still going to try to repair mine to use them on my muni!

I think it’s unlikely you’ll succeed in shimming your crank splines. There’s just too much force that gets applied there.

I’m sure because of all the force it’s not going to be really successful. But I’d rather try than doing nothing. I used to ride with pieces of paper in my bearing holders to make the wheel centered and it became a really hard piece of paper. I always find something ghetto enough to make it work. I’ll tell you guys if anything works, if anyone has the same problem with the cranks it will sure help them out.

I had some success with a copper foil, but on 36"

in may experiance tom is right, if it start to move you won´t get them to old strengh:(
at all, it was moments after three years of hard riding, so they did their work!

but I like this once more than the “intractable” ones;)