Cranks make me cranky!


 I have a 24" uni with 150mm cranks.  I live in Florida and would like to commute accross campus to class, but it is just too much work and not worth sweating over.  Since I am a new unizen, I am unsure of what crank size to get.  I was suggested to get 125mm cranks.  What do you think?  It is flat here.  I am still working on balance but can go without stopping now.  Free-mounting is still a challenge, but I am determined.  Let me know what you suggest!


Matt :slight_smile:

I learned the unicycle the same way. First with a 24-inch and 150 mm cranks, then I switched to 125 mm cranks on the same uni. The shorter cranks definately make a difference, but for me it was mostly in maintaining a CONSISTENT slightly-higher speed. Mounting may be more difficult for a few weeks as are turns, but it’s all just part of the learning curve. The next step up will probably be a bigger wheeled uni, but putting 125 mm cranks on your current 24-inch is a good step.

Good luck!

get the shortest cranks (89mm) that you can find and then get some 125mm cranks and then you would have three different crank sizes to choose from

Where do I find some quality and inexpensive cranks? Also, what kind do I get? When I looked at, they had several categories of cranks (cottered, cotterless, dust cap, splined), but I don’t know the differences. What do you think is right for me? Thanks!

cottered:is for old unicycle
cotterless:is new square tapered
splined:strong teeth
dustcaps:go on the side to cover the nut of the unicycle

just look around on udc at cotterless cranks because thats what you need from what I can get together from the post. the makesome nice cranks but it is up to you. you can get some for like 10-12 dollers that will do or you can get some that are $50. those prices where for cotterless. you can’t get splined for $10 the last time I checked

Re: Cranks make me cranky!

On Mon, 21 Aug 2006 19:56:17 -0500, wmdoran wrote:

>Where do I find some quality and inexpensive cranks?

>Also, what kind do
>I get?
Depends on your unicycle. If your current cranks have a square hole at
the hub interface (I guess they do), you need ‘cotterless’. Pick cheap
ones, for just riding in the street they don’t need to be strong. 125
mm is a good length after you’ve learned on 150’s. Shorter is faster,
but more difficult to control, especially for a beginner.

Search the forum for advice on how to swap cranks, there are many ways
to do this wrong.

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hey, i learned on a 24" with 125mm cranks. i then bought some 170mm cranks for Muni (170’s are HUGE), and now i want to get some 89’s cause 125’s are just too slow for me, but they are amazingly fast compared to the 170’s.