Cranks (help)

alright guys i need some help…ive been riding for like a year now, and i ride an M-uni. i recently came off a drop and messed up my crank, im now wondering if its possible or even worth upgrading cranks?..or should i just upgrade my wehole unicycle?..and if so what brand would be the best?..(not sure if i put this in the right forum)

what brand is the unicycle and its parts? it’s easy to buy new cranks

If possible, post a picture/video so that we can see what the problem is. And welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

um its a norco m-uni and the parts all came…ibe been looking at a uni star torker dx because it has thicker cranks…and i really wanna upgrade anyways…cause they’d just put the same crappy skinny crank on it again at the shop…and id like thicker ones

julia its really hard to get a piture that shows what happened…but the right pedal is at a very weird angle now and its the crank for sure because i tried to switch pedals…

you could have stripped the threads where the pedal goes into the crank, that would give it an odd angle.

well see i dont think i stripped it because if i had would the pedal not just loosen itself up as i ride? because it stays tight its just at an angle