Cranks for street/flat

Hey, I’m currently running 137 moments and I want to get some shorter cranks.
The three main options I’ve been looking at are 125 moments, Kh asyms(130mm) or the 125 Qu-ax Crmo cranks.
I’m not very heavy and I don’t ride that big so I probably wouldnt bend any cranks. If any1 has ridden any of these cranks or has any views on them, please let me know.


The KH asym’s are 130 mm and they are awesome! And I ride them to!.

If you’re willing to spend the extra buck I’d definitely recommend Mad4One 125mm cranks with Madaptors. They’re super light and are simply the best.

As a second option though I’d say Asyms are where it’s at :wink:

I like my KH moments 125mm really much! for both street flat (and also trial). The only bad thing is that the thread is fucked ud, so I can’t get my (metal) pedals out xD

I think you should get the KH 125mm, if you don’t wonna spend a lot of money and get the super light and awesome Mad4One 125mm cranks! :slight_smile:

i want mad4one but i don’t know where i can buy them.

Thanks for all the answers guys :slight_smile:

Just one question though, is there a noticable difference when you ride longer cranks like 137s and switch to smaller cranks.

You will probably feel a difference, but IMO it’s a good difference :stuck_out_tongue: I love riding 125mm both for trials, street, flat and 24" street. One of the reasons I like them so much is because of the high speed you can get compared to the 137mm. Most people are riding 137mm (or 140mm) for trials, which probably also is the best, but I’ve been riding 125mm since I started unicycling, so it feels wrong to me riding 137mm for trials too, but you should keep yours if you’re riding trials mostly.
So it’s all about your riding style, if you will feel a big difference.
If your more a flat or street rider I would go for either the KH 125mm og the M4O 125mm.

Tony from here - just a few comments to add. Of the cranks you mention only KH Moment 125mm cranks are readily available in NZ. You might also want to consider Nimbus Venture 125mm cranks. I’ve been using a pair of these cranks for street for several years and have not bent them. Granted, they aren’t as incredibly strong as Moments, but they aren’t as pricey either. I weigh 60kg.

I happen to have a pair of Asym cranks which I’m using on my muni. They were the last pair of KH Sym cranks we had left in stock, which I had de-nubbed. I like them so far but haven’t been using them for long enough to make a fair call as to whether I like them better than 140 or 150mm for muni.

Yes there is a big difference between 137 and 125mm cranks on a street unicycle. 125mm are much faster and smoother than 137mm. 125mm is the length preferred by most street riders for these reasons. 137mm are good for trials (ie if you do loads of hopping) but if your main focus is street or flat go for 125mm.

I think you should E-mail Olaf or RellentlessByFate. You can see on their site what their doing for Mad4One.

I e-mailed Are there any other options for Mad4One cranks in the US?