Cranks for muni

This spring i am going to get a 26 muni and I want to run 165 cranks what are the best 165 cranks?

The two I’m aware of in 165mm are Nimbus Ventures and KH Moments. What does best mean to you? The Ventures are much lighter than the Moments but are still solid cranks. The Moments are heavy but virtually indestructible. I’m running 150mm Moments on my 26". They are heavier then I’d like but they look nice.

Do you now if the ventures will withstand down hill muni.

Yeah they should do.

SINZ with Mountainuni Disc come in 165 too

SINZ with a Mountainuni Disc also come in 165mm, depending on your needs/wants:)

I would second the Sinz/MountainUni set-up, if you’re thinking about disk brakes, The Sinz 165’s would be a good option. I have 155’s on my 26" muni right now and really like them.

I am going to run breakless because of simplicity

Yeah, I prefer it when my unicycles don’t break, I find they’re easier to ride in one piece. I do like a brake for DH though.

Haha. I may use some vees

I only like a brake on the long smoother downhill trials. Techy stuff I can’t get enough fingers on the handle if I am trying to brake. With the technical stuff I like a death grip on the handle, it helps me control the MUni.

With 165mm you won’t need a brake anyway the cranks give enough power, all it would do is save your legs.

But to answer your question, I run the moments and have had 0 problems. Great cranks, a bit on the heavy side though. I think profile makes a 165 mm crank but it requires the 48 spline spindle. Hope that helps.

I think when I order it I am going for 165 moments. With KH freeride seat

What uni are you getting?

a nimbus next month