Cranks for freestyle/flatand?

I am going to purchase a Nimbus X freestyle unicycle. (See here) I plan on using it for freestyle and flatland.

I’m thinking about getting Nimbus venture freestyle cranks. (100mm)

Would these cranks work well for flatland? More specifically, Is there enough space to put your foot on it comfortably for flatland tricks?

Also, is 100mm long enough for flatland? Would I be better off getting 89mm cranks for freestyle and 110mm Moment cranks for flatland?

Sorry for so many questions. :o I just want to be sure I get exactly what I need.

Also, feel free to throw out any opinions about the Nimbus X for freestyle/flatland riding.

I’d get 89mm ventures if I were you.

More place for you foot
Better lenght for freestyle

I think it depends on how much do you ride freestyle and flat. For freestyle the 89mm are better, for flat the 100mm and loger, because you have more place to stand on the cranks.
I use the 89mm cranks, but i do more freestyle than flat, they also work for flat, but it´s harder to land on them.

Hope I helped you, and sorry for my bad English! :wink:


I’m going to get 89mm venture freestyle cranks, and another set of longer cranks for flatland. I already own a pair of rollos, so should I get 110mm kris holm moments? Or would 114mm venture freestyle be better (less weight)? Any other good flatland cranks?

what cranks are best for flat? Koxx 135, Impactcranks or KH moments with rollos?

Down to personnal preference.

All I can say is wear ankle guards with any of these choices :slight_smile:

+1, i cut my ankles even when im wearing my try all ankle pads…