cranks for Aussie riders

All Aussie riders

If you are looking for something better/different to the standard you may want to try Paul Sim at Greenspeed (

He specialises in recumbents but he does make uni’s as well (he made a couple of 24" muni’s for myself and my brother). He has a LARGE range of cranks in stock, varying sizes and grades of quality.

He’s not the cheapest but he’s got the best work I’ve seen locally.


Phil from Melbourne

Greenspeed Uni

Can we see pictures of your cycles?
Greenspeed is such a great company and their mission is really cool too!

Re: cranks for Aussie riders

Thanks Phil, Ive got his E-mail address. Any other Bicycle Shops Make Unicycles Please let me know Thanks.

Yes, pictures please! How are the munis holding up? Just off topic…if you’re interested, you can probably get a Velo seat from Juggleart ( in Melbourne (I think it’s in Melbourne). That should come in nice and handy for you Phil.

They also ship for free within Australia.


Andrew and others

OK, pictures (and weights) coming.

I live down the street from Juggleart so postage isn’t a problem - I just walk down. The velo seats are ‘due’ to land in the country sometime around the end of the week.


PS Greenspeed make really good stuff - if you can persuade him to make you a uni you’ll have a top ride.

Also, if you live in Australia and buy Australian cranks, you won’t have to put them on upside-down like you do with those bought from the Northern Hemisphere.

I Totaly agree all for everyone. Pictures & Weights Thanks. I bought my Uni from Juggleart 10 years ago and couldn’t be happier. They good Mob too. David J.