Cranks for a man of large size.

Hello, I am new here. I saw no sticky here about the culture here, please point me to one if such a thread exists.

I am a man of large size, I weighed myself last time in at around 127 kilo (with clothes and large amounts of fluids in my body), and I am at 190 centimeters. I have two unicycles, a 20" Qu-Ax one, not sure what the model name is, but I am quite sure it has ISIS cranks, and a Merida 26" one. The problem I am stuck with is that of the pedals gnawing the threads out of the cranks, leaving it so that after a while they fall out and the cranks are left entirely unusable. What I need is a pair of cranks and pedals that are sturdy, and won’t break like I described.

What cranks should I look into? How long should they be? I’m thinking of getting new ones for the Qu-Ax one first, as the store might replace the Merida one, and I’m hoping to use the Qu-Ax one for flatland and trail when I get good at it.

My price range, preferably as little as possible but I can maybe stretch myself to the 100 dollar range, depending on quality and bang for buck. I will order online.

Your a big person so you really need a set of cranks made from quality aluminum, the Kris Holm spirit cranks in either 127 or 137(for your 20") would be my first choice as they are practically indestructible. It is very important that you torque your pedals into the cranks to 30ft lbs or 40nm to ensure they will not move. Another thing to look for is a pedal spindle the makes full contact with the crank arm, most cheaper pedals have two flat edges that make contact with the arm as opposed to nicer pedals the usaully make full contact.

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Hope this helps

If you want really unbreakable cranks, you should pick um some KH Moments. They’re not produced any more but regularely sold here in the forum.

You might double check that your cranks are on the correct side. If you’ve been riding it backwards, that would eat up cranks pretty quickly. It’s a simple thing, but lots of bike shops sell unicycles with the left crank on the right side, and vice versa. The easiest fix is to turn the seat around.

Goodness me, I didn’t know the cranks had left and right side!

Thanks for all the help guys, I’ll do my best.

Left crank has a left hand pedal thread. Right crank has a right hand thread. It is really important or the pedals will become loose and that chews the thread out very rapidly.

I think cranks usually have the L or R mounded into them if you look - you don’t need to unscrew them to find out.