Cranks for 20" Uni

I’m looking for some 114 cranks. To buy outright or trade for some 125’s.

Need ISIS but they don’t need to be very strong. Any crank will be strong enough.

i have a pair of venture 2’s 114mm

what brand/kind are your 125’s?

Qu-Ax with a nimbus logo stenciled on them

I’ll trade if you want. I dug them out and they are actually venture 1’s, but they are in great shape. They were too small short for me, I feel much better with 125’s.

Here’s some pics…

I’m a fitness rider. Any crank is going to be fine. I’m trying to decide if I can move up in wheel size by trying shorter cranks on my 20". (knee problems)

Now I have to find a crank puller… I have one somewhere.

I’ll get in touch with you via private message and we can work out shipping and the like.

They look great. Mine are not the new looking and not as sexy. But they have not been abused in the least. Maybe a few drops off of curbs. If you want some photos let me know.