cranks/fat tire

I need a set of isis cranks 150’s? I typically run moments but open to other options. Who has run 26 x 4.8 or so tires? Any input or opinions appreciated. 26 x 4.8 Jumbo Jim I have heard good things about. Looking for light weight with acceptable durability for light muni trails on my next fat Triton. How does it roll? Is it to bouncy? Any input on fat tires appreciated.

Small variations in pressure will greatly affect how any fat tire rides. Typically the less pressure you have, the more cushy the ride will be, but you’ll have some auto-steer. It is also (obviously) takes a lot more effort to push a tire at a lower pressure. This is balanced by taking less fatigue on bumps I think. I ride a 27 tpi 4.0 Nate and it’s fantastic. I tend to run 150s on the Conundrum unless I’m commuting on snowy sidewalks, in which case I’ll pop it down to 125s. I like 138s for the 29er and find them to be a nice size for flowy muni trails and moderate technical terrain, but the fat tire needs a little more torque in my opinion. KH cranks all the way if you’re already building up a Triton. Spirit cranks sound fine for what you’re doing and they’re a little lighter than the Moments. . . . I tend to run moments as well : )

The really nice thing about the fat tire is the incredible grip and roll-over ability. I can tackle way more with my fat tire than any other wheel, but it doesn’t want to get in the air for small jumps as readily as my 29er. I steamroll on the fat tire, I float like a butterfly on the 29er.


I’m likely going to machine/drill whatever cranks I get next anyway. I like the moments for their low p factor like the nimbus cranks

I had a good time with a Surly Lou on a 82mm rim and 165mm cranks to never run out of torque.

As for the JumboJim, I tried the 4.4 LiteSkin and am testing the 4.0 SnakeSkin on a 65mm rim and 150mm cranks. The lightweight of this tire makes for one hell of a climber. However, the LiteSkin is bouncing if you don’t keep enough pressure in (on DH track). The SnakeSkin seems to do slightly better in the initial ride but I am waiting for other rides to compare.

If you like your ride low pressure and still consistent, my best experience was with a Surly Nate 27tpi. It reminded me of the Duro in behavior and reliability.

Long story short: if you ride in flowy conditions and climb/cover distance, the Jumbo Jim SnakeSkin will be your best friend.

If your ride is rough and/or you want Duro-level behaviour, the Nate (or Lou with a reasonable pressure) will put you through no matter what.

The conclusion above applies to any Fat tire on the market. The crazy lights are good but show their limits fast. The moderated weight are okay in XC and your will find support and traction in the 1500g area (more will not help much).

the 150mm venture cranks are very light and durable…if you dont land drops >3ft badly
the impact eiffel tower are only availible in 125 and 135


the eiffel tower 135 look nice. is thier any fat I can machine off like on the moments? are 135’s long enough for a fat tire that measures over 30"? does anyone have a used set I can experiment with? I’m not stuck on 150’s, its just what I have got used to. I plan to double drill them too


I don’t do huge drops, generally 1 step at a time up or down is my fun. Hopscotch with the kids, jump rope hops and much tamer shenanigans.Gentile trail fun with the youngsters. Not ready for Downieville yet. I’m not one that makes 5’ drops look easy like Terry Peterson!